My Inspiration

My name is Chris Korzec 

and I am a 1989 born German musician/guitarist, composer and teacher with a passion for music, creativity and people. Wether it's teaching, studio work or live music, there is always one goal I am striving for: authenticity, inspiration and addressing the individual human being and its situation. I myself passionately love to play the guitar every moment of my life.

My Journey

My musical journey started out in my early childhood as a 5 year old, being thrilled by the sound of Deep Purple's "Made in Japan". Ever since, I became fascinated with music and especially the guitar. Following were 10 years of classical guitar training, including prizes from competitions like "European youth guitar contest Andre Segovia", and 1st prizes from the German competition "Jugend musiziert". 

My Education

I started taking classical guitar lessons from a very early age on. As time passed by, I more and more became fascinated with the electric guitar and it's diverse sounds, until I decided to fully dedicate myself to it. This led me to the prestigious ArtEZ conservatory in Arnhem, the Netherlands, where after 4 years of studying I obtained a Bachelor degree in Jazz & Pop guitar in 2015.

My Experience

Throughout all the years, I was also constantly involved in several musical projects. From concerts as a (solo) classical guitarist, double bassist in a symphony orchestra, to being the guitarist in several big bands, as well as other bands who's variety of genre's went from straight pop/ rock, Jazz to world music, guitar driven fusion and more. I was able to gain a lot of experience and create a very broad taste in music, always enjoying the company of great people.

(c) by Kummusfestival 2018

My People

During the past years I met a lot of fascinating and encouraging musicians and artists, who I was lucky to accompany for some great projects and collaborations:

„Riot“ (GameTrailer, comp. Simon Michel) 

Several songs for the floating doctors (comp. Simon Michel)

„Road the Novel“ (Sebastian Werrmeyer)

Debut album „Let’s Glide“ (Cleo Vlogman)

d’Z debut EP „Connected“, feat KatieLeone en Sandra St.Victor and many more.

I am looking forward to work with many outstanding people for many more intense and adventurous cooperations. Contact me if you are one of them.

(c) by Kummusfestival 2018

My Future

These days, I am teaching the next generation of guitar players in and around Arnhem, and play in several bands as well as writing my own music. I enjoy working with all kind of different people and artists, and am looking forward to an exciting future full of great music!

© 2019 by Christoph Korzec

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