Playing Guitar

The guitar is probably one of the most popular and greatest instruments to learn and to play. It's countless sonic possibilities also make it a very versatile instrument, which gives you amazing opportunities to make music either on your own, or together with other people.

As many possibilities you have on the guitar, as many reasons there are to learn it. Wether you are a absolute beginner or already an advanced player, I as your teacher am keen on helping you to either make your first steps, or further develop yourself on the instrument.

Your Lesson.Your Style.

Together we will discuss and define your visions and goals you want to achieve. The goal of every lesson is to present the information you need in the most easiest and accessible way possible, and to find a path that feels the most natural to you. Things we are going to work on are practiced with actual songs or fragments of these whenever possible, so you always have a musical context to work with.


Wether you're an absolute beginner or an already advanced player, we'll be focussing on:


  • the basics of the instrument and music, which for example includes a good posture/ hand position, basic playing techniques (depending wether you're playing acoustic or electric guitar), reading tabulature, rhythm and (later in the lessons) standard notation.

  • advanced playing techniques, sounds, exploring different genres like rock, blues, jazz or fingerstyle (to name a few), theory and applying it to the instrument/ to music, preparing for conservatory etc.

We can also just play songs and have fun making music together, because that's what it's all about.


Lessons come in a variety of forms - you can choose between 20 min, 30 min or 45 min, either individual or in a group of max. 3 people. Considering the day and time, the lessons take place either in a very nice, fully equipped room in the heart of Arnhem at the Rozet (Wednesdays), in Beek and in Elst (Mondays) at the Muziekschool All music or in Velp (Tuesdays) at the studio 26 (Larensteinselaan 26D 6882 ct Velp).

The entry price level starts at 14€ per 20 minutes.


Got on fire to play the guitar? 

You can fill in the contact formula to get in touch with me.

The first lesson is a FREE TRIAL session. 

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